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The day before we left
for Marojejy National
Park, Erik and Rabary told
me about a parcel of land
they had had their eye on
that would help increase
the core area and reduce
the edge of the reserve,
which was apparent from
Cameron’s map. The
problem was that three
adult siblings, who now
live quite far apart, had
jointly inherited the piece
of land from their parents.
They were all individually
happy to sell to him but
never in the same place at
the same time. Never one
to miss an opportunity to
Rabary rounded them all
up with the truck we had
hired for a couple of days.
They all spent the morning hammering out the details of the contract, which Rabary painstakingly copied by hand
into three different languages (Malagasy, French and English). I would like to conclude by thanking Rabary, Erik and
Jackson for a most inspiring visit to SAVA, and to wish them continued success.
AMNH PhD Student, Jen Crick, Visits SAVA Conservation
Rabary and Jen Crick at the entrance to Marojejy NP.
Photo by Erik Patel
You may remember from the fish farming article in the last newsletter, that there was a very
successful first harvest of the “fony” from the Ambodivohitra demonstration pond. Of the
original 400 fish fry introduced into the pond, 1704 were later harvested with 573 sold/eaten,
531 released into the nearby Matsobe River, and 600 returned to the pond. Lanto reports
that there were still too many fish in the pond, so another pond draining and harvest was
recently carried out.
The second harvest produced another 2102 fony
, with 600 again being
returned to the pond, and 1502 released into the Matsobe River. Turns out that many fish
were hiding around and beneath boulders in the pond during the first harvest!
Fish Farm Flash!