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Financial Report
P A G E 5
V O L . 2 , N O . 3
N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 3
We are very pleased to report that through the generous donations of individuals, foundations, and institutions, in
addition to grants, the SAVA Conservation project was funded independently, and without reliance on direct DLC
operational funding. We cannot thank our donors enough for their generosity and confidence in our ability to bring
meaningful conservation activities and progress to the SAVA region of northeastern Madagascar.
For the future we expect to continue the same trend of financial support for SAVA Conservation, but hope to
expand the amount of grant funding as the project becomes better known. With the help of DLC’s enthusiastic
development team of Niki Barnett and Janice Kalin, and now grant writing assistance from new arrival Valorie Cook,
we believe that the future of funding for SAVA Conservation is bright.
Once again, a heart-felt thanks to all who have supported us in the past, and continue to support us now and into
the future.
Mrs. Kristan Norvig
through the Kristan and Peter
Norvig Family Fund – Silicon Valley Community
South Carolina Aquarium
$10,000 - $19,999
Dr. Sara Miller and Dr. David Howell
Dr. Clinton and Mrs. Alberta Kelly
$5,000 - $9,999
Black Rhinoceros Foundation
Nashville Zoo
$2,500 - $4,999
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Dr. Allan Chrisman and Ms. Polly Van de Velde
the Allan K. Chrisman Gift Fund
Seneca Park Zoo docents
Mr. Joseph and Ms. Nancy Raposa,
in memory of
William (specifically for rosewood symposium held
at Duke, sponsored by DLC/Kenan)
$1,000 - $2,499
Mrs. Nancy Ranney and Dean David Levi
$500 - $999
Dr. Ruby Benjamin
$250 - $499
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Kathy Benson
Mrs. Margaret Gentry Clegg
$250 - $499 (Continued)
Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Olan Nugent
Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Hymen Rubin III
Mrs. Sarah Sommers and Mr. Thomas Geiger
Ms. Jen Franklin,
in honor of Charlie Welch and
Andrea Katz
$100 - $249
Ms. Yvonne Beever
Ms. Dianne Blane
IBM International Foundation
Ms. Susan Louie,
in honor of William the baby sifaka
Mrs. Brenda and Mr. James Moorman
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Nancy Proia
Ms. Suzanne Singh
$0 - $99
Ms. Sue Cloak
Mrs. Joan and Mr A. Read Cone III
Ms. Jo Davis
Ms. Cheryl Klein
Ms. Tamara Pearce
Mr. Joseph Soldati
Grants Received
Sea World/Busch Gardens Conservation Foundation -
(for the fish farming initiative)
Duke Africa Initiative -
(funds did not pass
through DLC – supported SAVA project manager
Lanto Andrianandrasana’s 1-month training visit to
Fiscal Year 7/12 to 6/13 Donors – SAVA Conservation Project
(Donors also listed in DLC 2013 Annual Report newsletter)