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Enchanted by SAVA
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collaborative spirit with which the local villagers view the DLC activities. Our logo was
everywhere, and the DLC was frequently mentioned as a respected partner in local efforts
to protect and restore the native habitat. We also visited with the local MNP office to
discuss our plans for future conservation and research in the area. Again, our hosts could
not have been more hospitable and I am confident that the DLC is regarded as an
important partner in the region's long-term conservation plans.
Of course, all of this was within sight of the majestic Marojejy National Park. It rises
boldly on the horizon, with its peaks shrouded mysteriously in the mists. Sadly for me, our
agenda was too packed to allow for the two-day hike required to reach the summit and
visit with the silkies. But with the last-stop visit to Antalaha, and tour of the wonderful
Macolline Project, I was certainly compensated for the delayed gratification of Marojejy. I
am more determined than ever to return to the SAVA and make my way to the silkies.
The region is rich with opportunity and the local partners that Charlie, Erik and Lanto have
developed are par excellence. I could not possibly have been more proud of our
accomplishments there, or more encouraged by the opportunities that lie ahead.
Marie Stopes International – A New Collaboration
By Charlie Welch and Dr. Erik Patel
We are pleased to announce the beginning of another collaboration for SAVA Conser-
vation, this time in the realm of family planning. In October, a women’s reproductive
health specialist visited the village of
Belaoka Lokoho (adjacent to Marojejy
NP, 15km from Andapa) to offer local
women the option of contraception.
The prearranged visit was supported by
SAVA Conservation, and carried out by
the NGO Marie Stopes. The nurse was
met by a very enthusiastic group of 32
women from 14 to 40 years of age, all
of whom already have children, includ-
ing the youngest. The majority of the
women received arm-implants (which is
a 15 minute outpatient procedure), al-
though IUDs were an option as well.
The arm-implants have a 3-year period
of efficacy.
So, why is SAVA Conservation in-
volved in family planning? Population
growth is known to be one of the major drivers of forest (and biodiversity) loss. Many
organizations are embracing new integrated Population, Health, and Environment (PHE)
Marie Stopes "Lady" explains the contraception procedures to interested village
Photo by Lanto Andrianandrasana