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Miaro atiala, mamboly fiainana
"Protect the forest, and life will grow"
N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 3
V O L . 2 , N O . 3
P A G E 1 4
Closing Comments
A final thank you to our supporters
as listed in this issue’s annual report.
The activities that you read about in
this newsletter would not have been
possible without you. Donations
from individuals/couples are the
driving force behind the project, and
we hope you will include us in your
year-end giving plans so we can keep
SAVA Conservation moving forward
at its present full speed. Supporters
can rest assured that all of their
donations are going in full to support
our multi-faceted conservation work
in the SAVA region. As we heard
many times in our years of living in
Madagascar, “merci d’avance”.
A day at the beach in Sambava.
Photo by Megan Elwing